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Youth - Foundational Fitness — (Ages 10 - 14)

This class workout is a safe and fun introduction into the world of fitness. Great choice for athletes just starting to participate in sports or athletes that have a few years experience. Each class is designed to give the athletes a total body workout, allowing kids to drop into any class and feel capable of performing most of the exercises. While training, they will learn the proper technique for fundamental exercises and habits that promote good character. Each session begins with a dynamic warm up, we then carry out the main exercises and end each session with a fun, yet challenging game. Before leaving, the athletes conclude each session with a lesson of the day. The lesson may be an inspirational quote or another topic related to fitness. Contact Jared Marek today to get started!

High School - Advanced Fitness

This program is designed for one thing, results! Exercises will be selected and rotated for overall fitness. Athletes will be challenged and each week we will develop multiple elements of fitness including - Speed, Agility, Strength, Power, Balance, Endurance, Reaction Time, and more!  These elements do compliment one another, but an athlete can sign up at any time and still receive benefits and knowledge. Athletes leave feeling empowered and more knowledgeable in the world of fitness and sports. Contact Jared Marek for additional details.

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$15 per class

November Schedule

  • Youth Classes
  • Ages 10-14
  • November
  • Mon 5:30 - 6:30 pm
    Fri 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Success Story: For the past six months, my son has been participating in a variety of different programs at the MAC. First, I’d love to say that I’m thrilled and couldn’t be more pleased with this facility. The kindness and professionalism exhibited by the coaches and employee’s is second to none.

I am the mom of a child with a compromised auditory system. I struggled with finding programs that suited my son’s needs, that would accommodate his desire to learn and provide him with a strong foundation for physical growth. All at the same time as building his confidence and self esteem by treating him as a part of the group/team.

Enters Coach Jared: I signed my son up the participant in the Speed and Agility Class that is offered twice weekly. And a parent, what I saw was incredible. I felt as though I hit the jackpot. Not only did my son love the class, he couldn’t wait till the next class. Coach Jared through his grand knowledge, kindness and passion made a difference. He ignited something from within and the growth that I have witnessed has been tremendous. His confidence is soaring, his strength and endurance is exploding, his social skills are blooming and he is having a blast busting out belly laughs like never before! Coach Jared is not only a coach but a mentor and a positive role model to my son. I’m thankful and blessed that this union came to be..

This mom now sees an eager young boy ready to try and give his all...all while having a ton of fun, building friendships and learning lessons weekly..Thank you Coach Jared for all that you do! -- Laurie K.

One on One Personal Training

Custom Workouts So You Can Reach Your Goals - Flexible Scheduling with Certified Instructor Jared Marek.

Take the game serious and evolve your skills to the next level! Jared creates customized programs to make you the very best athlete you can be. Whether you need speed & stamina for soccer, strength & power for baseball/football, or footwork and explosiveness for basketball/lacrosse Jared has a program for you! His programs improve your coordination, reduce the chance of injury, and include movement patterns commonly seen in your sport. Contact Jared today to schedule your free fitness evaluation.

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