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Custom Workouts So You Can Reach Your Goals - Flexible Scheduling with Certified Instructor Jared Marek.


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Youth - (Ages 10-18)
Take the game serious and evolve your skills to the next level! Jared creates personalized programs to make you the very best athlete you can be. Each program is modified according to the needs of the individual, and demands of their primary sport.  Whether you need speed & stamina for soccer, strength & power for baseball/football, or footwork and explosiveness for basketball/lacrosse Jared has a program for you! His programs improve your coordination, reduce the chance of injury, and include movement patterns commonly seen in your sport. Schedule an evaluation and contact Jared for more information. 

Adult - (Ages 18+)
One on One Training that will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Workouts are designed for you and your personal goals, whether its weight loss, building endurance, or just general health and wellness.  Jared hand picks the best exercises according to your ability, supplies you with the nutrition knowledge you need, and takes care of all the other variables so that you can be proud of what you see in the mirror. Try a couple sessions and if you are not completely satisfied with the results, get your money back. No hassle guarantee!


he more sessions you purchase together, the more you save!

  • 45 Min Sessions
  • Buy 1-4 Sessions
  • $50 Per session

  • 45 Min Sessions
  • Buy 5-9 Sessions
  • $45 Per session

  • 45 Min Sessions
  • Buy 10+ Sessions
  • $35 Per session

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