Team Training

Team Trainings -- Fitness workouts made for your sport!

Jared Marek and his staff create custom programs designed to help athletes meet the demands of their competitive sport. While utilizing training techniques that reduce chances of injury; athletes become faster, more agile and stronger. Jared does more than just train his athletes. He educates them on the do’s and don’ts of fitness / nutrition and includes activities which build team unity and toughness. Contact him today and see how his methods can help your program get on the path to lasting success! 

Success Story: "Jared is extremely motivated and knowledgeable.  He not only teaches our kids the right way to work out but he encourages them to push beyond their limits.  His experience as a trainer was instrumental in our kids making the gains in speed, agility and strength they needed to be competitive.  He fulfilled the needs of our entire hockey program of over 60 players.  To top it off; they had fun getting into shape!"
Kurt Rohloff, Director of Coaching - D155 Predators Hockey Club 

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