Small World Of Sports

Small World of Sports is run by Coach Ed and Coach Paul.

Through Small World of Sports, we offer classes on a variety of sports for children as young as 3 years old. Classes emphasize safety, cooperation and social development while teaching basic sport skills in a fun environment.

Fundamentals and rules are introduced while participants learn a sense of teamwork. No matter what class your child joins, he or she will be sure to have a wonderful experience as our Coaches inspire and teach your young athlete to love the game while having fun.

Program Details

All classes will be one day a week, and run from the start date through the end date.
Join a class in progress for a prorated rate. Prices are adjusted at checkout.

Class Options

Sport Starter

This class is 60 minutes long and is a Multi-Sport class for 3 year olds.


This class is 60 minutes long and each week will have different sport activities for ages 4-6.


This class is 60 minutes long for 4-6 year olds and will cover the basic fundamentals of soccer (passing, trapping, dribbling, and shooting) and drills that will teach players how to apply their skills in small-sided games.

Winter 2018/19 Schedule


December 2nd - 16th | $36 (3 classes)

  • Multi-Sport
    Coach Ed - Age 5 & 6

    9:00 am

  • Multi-Sport
    Coach Ed - Age 4-6

    10:00 am



November 27th - December 18th | $48 (4 classes)

  • Multi-Sport
    Coach Paul - Age 4-6

    9:30 am



November 28th - December 19th | $48 (4 classes)

  • Sport Starter
    Coach Ed - Age 3

    9:30 am
  • Multi-Sport
    Coach Ed - Age 4-6

    12:30 pm


November 16th - December 21st | $48 (4 classes)

  • Multi-Sport Coach Paul - Ages 4-6 9:30 am
  • Soccer Coach Paul - Ages 4-6 12:30 pm